~Proudly Serving Brooklyn NY~

Contact us

You can reach us at the following phone numbers:

Local:(718) 646-7545
Toll-Free:(800) 753-5693
Fax:(718) 646-7931
Email: paradiseflowershoppe@gmail.com

Store Location 2667  Coney Island Ave (on Ave X)
Brooklyn, NY 11223

Hours Of Operation
Our shop schedule is as follows:

    Open   Close
 Mon:  9:00 am  7:00 pm
 Tue:  9:00 am  7:00 pm
 Wed:  9:00 am  7:00 pm
 Thu:  9:00 am  7:00 pm
 Fri:  9:00 am  7:00 pm
 Sat:  9:00 am  7:00 pm
 Sun:  9:00 am  4:00 pm
 Holidays:  9:00 am  4:00 pm

On holidays Easter, Thanksgiving, Chrismas, New Years Day and 4th of July store hours are 11am to 3pm.

To help assure on-time delivery during the busy holiday season, place your order at least 3 days prior to the following major holidays: Valentine's Day, Passover, Easter, Administrative Professionals Week, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas.

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